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Discussions and comments

The cornerstone of communication is a discussion in Freelo. It is made up of comments. Comments are the main entity in which you can write assignments and attach files. Most of the activities and notifications are based on comments.

You can add a comment when creating a task while commenting on a detail of a task or in project notes.

How to add a comment in the discussion

Click on any task name and scroll down to the text editor. Type your comment, add files or pictures, and press Save.

Add your comment in text form and confirm via Save.
Add your comment in text form and confirm via Save.

Next to the Save button is an arrow icon where you have more options for saving the comment. In one step you can save a comment and finish the sub/task > Save & Complete task. Or you can set a reminder when saving a comment > Save & Remind.

Apart from the normal text formatting, you can change the color or highlight the text to make your comment more readable. Other formatting options are adding a bullet point, empty space, numeration, or quotation. Newly available is a screen and voice recording, or attaching a file.

Example of a discussion in Freelo.
Example of a discussion in Freelo.

Emojis are a great way to highlight part of the text. Check how to display the emoji panel and choose from tens of emojis.

Quick discussion view

Thanks to the keyboard shortcut mouse over the task + Q you can open the modal window. It displays the task discussion. That way, you can add a new comment and not leave the original page.

Overview of the discussion in Freelo.
Overview of the discussion in Freelo.

Also, you can open the window by clicking on the “bubble” next to the task text.

How to show detail of task.
How to show the detail of the task.

Discussion & Comment Features

  • The comment may contain formatted text and files.
    • Image files are displayed in large thumbnails.
    • Other files are displayed with an icon based on their type.
    • Play audio and video files directly in Freelo. No need to download formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, or MP3.
    • The maximum size of the attached file is 100MB.
    • Click on the file and start downloading.
  • You can delete your own comment within 15 minutes.
  • Reply to a comment – mark the particular text, a button Reply appears and you can reply in the comment form.
  • You can create a new task or subtask from a comment, where the full text of the comment, files, and links is kept. Just select the project and the To-Do list where the task will be placed. You can find the option in the three-dot menu > Create a sub/task from a comment.
This is how you create a sub/task from comment.
This is how you create a sub/task from a comment.
  • You can edit your own comment at any time.
How to edit your comment
How to edit your comment
  • Everyone can see the history of previous versions. In this history, you will also find all the files that have been added to the comment and you can download them again.


Use one-time mentions via @UserName

You can use @mention directly when you write. This is a one-time notification to anyone who has access to a project or task. It is good if you want to say one thing to someone else, who does not follow the future discussion. Mention the whole team via @project.

Like the comment

Thanks to thumbs up you can “tell” other users I’ve read this or I agree. So it can be used for voting or just letting other people know you agree with their proposal. The author of the comment is notified about each new like.

This is how you like a comment.
This is how you like a comment.

Reply to the discussion via email

Set up email notifications and easily respond to the discussion directly from your email.

🔥 TIP: It is a perfect solution for quick reactions from your mobile.

Example of e-mail notification and how to reply.
Example of email notification and how to reply.
TIP: Attach the files

You can also attach a file and mail it to Freelo. Your email signature or the history of the entire email conversation will be hidden.

Poll in discussion

In comments, you can create polls. Type the question as the name of the task. Options add a particular comment. Your team can vote via likes – thumbs up.

Example how to use discussion for voting.
Example of using the discussion for voting.
Updated on 31.5.2023

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