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Payment per user in the Business plan

On December 1, 2021 we launched a new pricing. It contains the payments for Business plan – the only plan that has payments per user.

The plan is suitable for large companies and corporations. Business Panel brings User Management, Insights over Projects, Users and Teams. It allows the verification of the company domain and forces Two-Factor Authentication.

How do the payments for Business plan work

In case your team has up to 20 users, you can use the offer for a fixed price. It contains unlimited projects, 20 users, User Management, Insights, 200 GB data limit, Project Manager and Admin roles and Team Management (in progress). It is for 160 € without VAT. And we will keep adding new team features!

My team has over 20 people

In case you need a plan for more than 20 people, the payments per user will be applied.

As in the previous case, you pay 160 € without VAT. We will charge for each user regarding the team size:

  • 21–50 users: 8 € without VAT / user
  • 51–100 users: 7,5 € without VAT / user
  • 101–200 users: 7 € without VAT / user
  • 201 and more users: 6,5 € without VAT / user

We do recommend using our price calculator.

Updated on 1.7.2022

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