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Paid plan vs Free account

Every registered user starts with a 14-days Trial plan. During this period you can try all the features that Freelo offers. What is going to happen after the 14-days period? What is the difference between the paid accounts with one of our plans and the free accounts?

The difference describes the picture below:

Paid and Free Freelo plan comparison
Free and Paid plan differences

In the Freelance and Team plans you do not pay per invited user. You only need one paid account (purchased plan), through which you will invite as many users as you need into your projects. In the Business plan you pay per invited user only if you exceed the maximal number of users.

The invited users can stay in the Free plan, which allows them to create 3 active projects and invite 3 other users.

The user with the paid account creates projects and invites colleagues, clients and all other people in order to cooperate.

The paid account is usually managed by the team boss, coordinator, project manager or CEO.

How to manage team projects

In case you want to use Freelo across several teams in one company, register from the general company’s email address and purchase a plan there (for example info@freelo.io). Set the Project manager roles to all team leaders, so they can create projects and invite new users themselves. All projects and users will be under the paid account.

Project manager also becomes the Admin of those projects, which enables them to see all the details as the projects owner = captain of the project. These roles are available in plans Team and Business.

Freelo plans

You can pay Freelo monthly or annually. Monthly payments are only possible online by credit card. For annual payments, you can choose between online card payment or proforma invoice and wire transfer. We will automatically give you a 10% discount on the annual plan.

Check the pricing.


  • Is testing plan that runs from the time you register to Freelo on your own
  • During this period all Freelo features are available for you to fully test
  • The testing period ends after 14 days and we give you the choice to either continue on the Free plan (if you have 3 users or 3 projects invited) or choose one of the paid plans
  • If you do not meet the Free plan limit but want to use it, we recommend transferring projects to a person with a paid plan or archiving the projects and keeping only 3 active

Tips & Tricks

    1. Give the right to create new project to the chosen people and appoint them as Project managers
    2. Appoint more Admins across the projects so the managing and delegation is not up to one person only
    3. The captain (project owner) can be changed anytime via transferring the project
    4. The key is to divide projects well and clear, check 7 rules how to organize your projects
Updated on 2.1.2024

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