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Export / Download CSV

Do you need to share data with your colleagues or clients, another way than in Freelo? Sometimes it is useful to send data in classic tab. Maybe you also need to print some tasks for a meeting.

Export or download:

  • To-Do list data
  • The whole project
  • Reports
  • Export structure


To-Do list and project exports include the structure of tasks and subtasks.

Export a To-Do list

Do you need to copy the current structure of To-Do list? You don’t need to rewrite anything, simply just export it. The text form can be entered as a new project template.

Feature Export is in every To-Do list in three-dot menu on the left from To-Do list name. Click Export.

The export can include completed sub/tasks, first comments of the sub/tasks, assignees and priority. It’s up to you. Choose in next window and confirm via Export.

Copy the exported data via Copy to clipboard green button.

The exported structure of To-Do list input as a new To-Do list via feature Add more features, when creating new To-Do list. This is great help when creating typified projects and To-Do lists, that are always similar. It also helps to keep the same process or improve it time to time.

How to export a To-do list.
How to export a To-do list.

Export all To-Do lists

How to export all To-Do lists in one project.
How to export all To-Do lists in one project.

This feature helps you to export the whole structure of the particular project. Go to project detail > click red title To-Do lists > find three-dot menu on the right and click Export. Choose what data you want to include > Copy to clipboard.

Export a task

Need to export the structure of a single task? Of course Freelo can do that! You can even choose from two options.

The first option is to click on the three-dot menu next to the task name and select Export.

This is where you can export the task structure.
This is where you can export the task structure.

The second option is to select Export in the right menu on the task detail.

Here you can also export the task structure.
Here you can also export the task structure.

Whichever of the above options you choose, in the next step you select, similar to the To-Do list export, whether you want to include completed subtasks, comments and other components and the export is completed.

You can paste the exported structure into Freelo and easily create a new task using this template. A detailed description of creating tasks from the text template can be found here.

Download CSV file (table)

CSV file is good when you need to send an overview to your boss or client. Exported file is in CSV tab format.

There are following information: name of the project, To-Do list, task, deadline, assignee, date of creation, date of completion, notes, reported time / cost, count of comments etc.

CSV in To-Do list

Go to three-dot menu on the left from To-Do list name > click Download (CSV) and the downloading automatically starts.

How to download a To-Do list in CSV format.
How to download a To-Do list in CSV format.
CSV table includes – project name, To-Do list, task, link, task status, assignee, deadlines, information about creating, author, number of comments, number of subtasks, number of finished subtasks and details about time/cost tracking.

CSV for project

Go to section Projects in upper blue section > All projects > every project has three-dot menu on the right > select Download (CSV). You can download and export any project in Freelo.

How to download the whole project in the CSV format.
How to download the whole project in the CSV format.

Export data from Freelo

A complex data export from Freelo can be useful if you are terminating a paid plan or want to have a regular complete backup. The export includes everything from comments to files. The data will be emailed to you in a ZIP file. Bear in mind that the export might take some time (approx. 1-2 days).

Exported data from Freelo:

The exported data can be imported back to Freelo with some help of a programmer. The export is structured to preserve key data such as project/task names and comments.

Go to Settings via the avatar in the top right corner. Find the Import & Export section in the top bar.

Below the page, click on Export data from Freelo and then Request Data Export.

You will get a warning that it will take some time to prepare the data. Once the export is ready, it will be sent to your email address you used to register. You can also find it directly on the export page in Freelo.

How to export To-do list.
How to export all data from Freelo.
Open a JSON file

Data from Freelo is exported in a JSON file format. You can open it to read in text editors. For example NotePad++, which is suitable for Windows users, and TextEdit, which is suitable for MacOs users.

The file with exported data can also be opened online, for example via JSON editor online or Online JSON viewer and Formatter.

TIP on exporting to PDF in Freelo

To export data from Freelo to PDF, you can use the Google Chrome add-on Print friendly & PDF.

How to add PrintFriendly to Google Chrome.
Adding PrintFriendly to Google Chrome.

Before you create and export a PDF file, you can edit which information you want to keep.

You then have three actions to choose from:

1. Send file to Print

2. Create a PDF file

3. Send file to email

Edit the PDF file before exporting.
Edit the PDF file before exporting.
Updated on 29.2.2024

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