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Create a task from email

For each To-Do list, you can generate a unique email address and create new tasks from your email directly. Email addresses can be generated for each task. The text of the email is saved as a comment in Freelo. Files and attachment will be included.

We recommend that you save the generated addresses among your contacts directly in the mail application. You do not have to come back to Freelo every time when you need to.

How does it work

Generate email address for particular To-Do list via three-dot menu. Find Email for task creation… and confirm the following forms.

Generate unique e-mail for To-Do list.
Generate unique email for To-Do list.

In the following form, confirm the Generate email address for this To-Do list and copy the address.

Generate the e-mail and copy it.
Generate the email and copy it.

In the email subject enter the task name, as a recipient enter the generated email address.

Send an e-mail to generated address.
Send an email to the generated address.
Example of a task created from e-mail.
Example of a task created from email.

There is also information about the sender’s email address.

Reply in email notifications

All of our email notifications can be answered from email directly to Freelo. The response includes all the attachments and looks like a normal comment.

This is useful for users, typically your clients, who do not go directly to Freelo so often. Everything that is important to them they receive in the email. They can reply to it just as usually.

Example of the e-mail notification about new assigned task.
Example of the email notification about a new assigned task.
TIP: Do you use Gmail?

We have a new Gmail Freelo Add-on that makes creating tasks from the email even faster. You can set task solvers, due dates etc.

Updated on 30.6.2022

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