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Connect Gmail and Freelo

New feature makes creating tasks from Gmail so easy. Freelo Gmail Addon allows you to assign received email to your colleague in Freelo so it does not get lost.

Addon enables you to create a task from Gmail directly. The task must be placed in a particular project and To-Do list. Optional is setting a solver and task due date. Task name is generated according to e-mail subject and so is the task description which copies the e-mail message. You can edit this information or let them be.

Please note that the e-mail attachments from Gmail cannot be transferred to Freelo.

How to connect Gmail and Freelo

Generate API key

First you need to copy your API key from Freelo. That connects your projects and Gmail Freelo Addon. Via your avatar in the upper right corner go to Settings, scroll down to the section API key and copy your unique key.

Find your API key in Settings.

Copy your API key and go to Gmail.

Install Gmail Freelo Addon

Now you should install Freelo Addon in your Gmail. In 2 minutes we will show you how.

Do you like this integration? Let us know! 😊

Updated on 25.10.2022

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