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Project summaries, overview of costs and profits

Do you like graphs, statistics and reports? So take advantage of our Summaries. You can easily find out which activities have too high costs or which are the most profitable.

Thanks to time tracking you can see how effective your team or you are. Click Reports in the top blue bar > Summaries in the Reports section.

Go to section Reports and Summaries.
Go to section Reports and Summaries.

Chart view

In the top part find a bar chart overview of reported time and finances per selected time period. Use filters for users, projects, task labels, time or project currency and get exactly the view you need.

Example of weekly overview.
Example of weekly overview.

When having the mouse over the particular bar you can see costs and time per month/day.

Example of daily overview.
Example of daily overview.

Filter summaries

Clear filters in the summaries ensure that you see exactly the data you need to see. You can filter in summaries in the following ways:

  • By users – if users haven’t any report in Freelo, you will not see them in the filter
  • By projects
  • By task labels
  • By time period
  • By currency
Filter chart view of timesheets.

Save filters

Set up filters and save them for next time. Filters can be edited and ordered. Click the arrow icon next to the green button Filter > Save filter > input the name of filter and Save as new filter.

We do recommend saving the filter for any report you have to check regularly.

Save regularly checked filters.
Save regularly checked filters.
TIP: Line up your filters

You can line up saved filters by drag and drop via mouse.

Example how to line up saved filters.
Example how to line up saved filters.

Delete your filters by clicking on the cross at the filter.

Table view

Overview of filtered summaries can be viewed also as a table, where you can set other perspectives. Just scroll down below the chart.

Example of filtered usere and their reported time.
Example of filtered users and their reported time.

Similar and more detailed summary overview is in section Weekly and monthly reports.

Select view

  • According to user
  • According to project
  • According to To-Do list
  • Reported time
  • Reported money

TIP: Costs or time?

You can switch the view regarding the costs or spend time.


How to switch perspectives.

Select sorting

There is also the possibility to line up the data per newest/oldest reports or alphabetically.

How to change order of reports.
How to change the order of reports.

Export to CSV

Anything you filter can be downloaded as a CSV file that you can open in Excel or any other chart editor. Click the icon in the top right corner Export.

Download filtered data.
Updated on 26.4.2024
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