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Overview of All projects

Page with all projects gives you an immediate overview of all the projects you are working on. There are your own projects and also projects you have been invited to. Simply click Projects in the top blue bar and select All Projects.

Are you not sure what is an invited or archived project? Check our Glossary.

It is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Projects, you are invited in – there are projects, where other users invite you in. Projects are divided regarding the project owner.
  2. My projects – there are your own projects. You are the captain.
  3. Project templates – it is a section for templates that you own.
  4. Project templates, you are invited in – there are templates, where other users invite you in.
  5. Archived projects – there you can find all your projects that you have archived.

Filter projects

Using the checkboxes on the left, you can filter projects:

  • I am invited (projects you have been invited in by another user)
  • My own (projects under your account)
  • Templates (your own project templates)
  • Archived
Report of all project you are working on.
Report of all projects you are working on.

Another way to filter projects is via project labels. It is your personal tag that helps you categorise and sort projects. No one else can see this label.

Updated on 1.7.2022

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