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Starting with Freelo

Here you can find everything you need to know when you decide to make the most of Freelo! 🙂

1. Start with creating projects and writing down all tasks

You and your team will have everything in one place from now. Projects, tasks, communication and documents. We recommend writing down all tasks, dividing them into projects and putting in Freelo. Then continue with assigning to the resolver and setting up deadlines or priorities.

2. Implement Freelo to your company without any problems

Start from the top management during the implementation of Freelo. Therefore from the boss and project managers. Appoint one person, who should be responsible for new software. As soon as this person knows the system a bit, he or she should organize a workshop for others. This person should collect question of others about the system and communicate with our support team – through mobile, e-mail or chat in Freelo. You should also inform everybody, what benefits implementing new system has. And don’t forget to set up clear rules.

3. Organize your projects

You know how to create a project. Now it’s important to keep long term order in them. These 7 rules should help you with it.

4. Set up the rules for effective teamwork 

Set up clear rules for your team, which all the colleagues should follow and respect. We put together a list of 10 rules, which you can edit as you wish and place it somewhere on sight.

5. Start with process management

Project vs. process. These two words are a bit confusing. If projects or some of their parts are repeated, it’s better to use processes. And you can easily manage basic process management in Freelo.